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The Best Advice from Real Estate Investment Pros

Whether you consider yourself a real estate investor or simply consider yourself a homeowner, many people find that homeownership can be a jumping-off point for considering their home beyond a primary residence.  In fact, some military families initially purchase their homes to live in during a duty assignment but realize soon that upon PCSing, they […]

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Buying a Home Sight Unseen

Back before the days of the Internet, FaceTime, and going live through social media apps, the only way for a potential home buyer to see a home for sale was to physically visit it in person to do a walk-through. There would be open houses or mutually agreed upon showing times between buying and listing […]

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Understanding Property Taxes

If gaining a better understanding of all things financial in this next year is on your radar, then you may be doing a deep dive on where all of your dollars are going, including the dollars spent on your most expensive asset. Whether you are happily settled in your home or looking to purchase or […]

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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

With the dawning of a fresh start at the New Year, many people find themselves in a spirit of reflection, full of ideas and inspiration on how they can improve upon every area of their lives. Some common goals people set during this time of year might include increasing their fitness routines, communicating with loved […]

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Forecasting 2022 Real Estate Trends

No one, even the experts can truly see into the future. And while it would be nice to have a crystal ball to get a peek into what the real estate trends might look like in the coming year, just about every aspect of these trends is pure conjecture using only predictions of data to […]

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Home for the Holidays

For military families, December doesn’t necessarily signal a rest, a break, or a pause from the demands of duty. For service members and their spouses and children, deployments and TDYs continue, Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders and moves are still happening, not to mention all of the other day-to-day operations that can fill the […]

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How to Avoid a Lengthy Listing Period

When it comes to selling your home, there are three Ps to keep in mind that will ensure you get a quick sale: Price, Problems, Professionals. Price The number one reason a home will stay on the listing market for a long time is its price. In the real estate world, a home that is […]

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Why You Should Always Get a Reliable Home Inspection

For the past several months of this year, it has become obvious that the real estate market is very active. New and existing home sales are through the roof, and you may have even heard of outlandish stories of homes selling in a day, over asking price, with multiple offers that include personal letters or […]

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#optoutside | Loving Your Local Outdoors

In the days following Thanksgiving, it can feel as if consumers are inundated with unlimited marketing efforts to encourage the upcoming season of shopping. In 2015, in an attempt to get people outside instead of indoors shopping on Black Friday, REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.) branded a campaign and hashtag #optoutside encouraging consumers to forego stamped-like […]

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Charities That Support Military Families

As the post-Thanksgiving urge to spend money gives way to Black Friday deals, the grassroots Shop Small Saturday, and the pandemic-friendly Cyber Monday shopping, Giving Tuesday is an opportunity to give back. It is actually considered the World’s Biggest Day of Generosity. In Giving Tuesday’s own words:  “GivingTuesday reimagines a world built upon shared humanity […]

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